Monday, September 3, 2012

Time Off From Crafting

I am taking some time off from crafting for my Etsy shop and crafting in general ( as well as blog writing, even though it has been sparse with moving, etc) I am having some real issues with my right hand and I rarely type as much as I used to. Taking it easy on my hand and blog posts here will be fewer than I would like but the hand needs to heal.

I am completely moved and settled into my new home for the new 18 months. Enjoying my time spent with my husbands mom and grandma. I am also enjoying the country life and wish I had the homestead I dream of already!!!

Concentrating on school is also my top priority. Hopefully my hand will be alright when typing up research papers. I wear a brace daily for 20 minutes here and there. I wear it while sleeping as well. We are thinking ( my mom and I) that I could possibly have carpal tunnel. I am working on getting my Tricare switched from my old region to the new ( and also switching to Standard- which allows me to choose my doctors versus Prime- military doctors).

Anyway that is the update on Vorpahl life. I would type more but the right hand is screaming at me!!!