Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So many ideas swim around in my mind. I have been a aspiring writer/ unpublished author for what seems... TOO LONG! Why am I not chugging along on my journey as a writer. Shouldn't I have the time to write a measly 500 words a day on my novel? Haven't I learned anything? That even when one is overwhelmed with school and life that there is still time to always write! ( or in this case blog too).

Maybe all my issues of stress, loneliness ( missing the husband), and life in general would be allievated by writing! Wouldn't writing be the perfect escape? To step into the lives of my creations. I hope I don't make it sound like I want to literally escape my life. My creative, ever searching, thirst for knowledge mind often needs a story to be complete ( feel complete).

And writing does this. I always envision stories. Whilest I sit and ponder a story comes to me. Whilest I watch the rain or snow a new adventure calls to me. If nothing else I should write the ideas as they come to me. Save them later, tuck them away for a later date.

So my own challenge is to write, write, write. I shall make the time and have time to do so.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Once upon a time,

I was sitting there searching the web for a variety of "things" from decorating your on base housing to PCSing tips. What can I say? A bit obsessed! *wink* and while I did this searching I found myself mildly disappointed! I wanted pictures to go with those decor ideas and some meat with that PCSing info...Maybe I wasn't so concerned with the information for myself but others!

I'm sure military family members are constantly Googling such things. You can't have enough resources at your fingertips. Anyway! My point really is this:

I NEED to blog about these two topics! I need to revisit my last PCS and hopefully present some new ideas. Maybe invite a friend or two to give their perspective.

A lot of the PCSing topics includes kids... not all military families have kiddos. I want to cater to those without just as much as those with! For my little family we have the Jimmy, my awesome husband! Lils the cat and two gerbils- Ms.Bitey & The Chunky One. I want to target those with different types of pets the best I can!

And then another question is raised! What else can I blog about? I have so many ideas and so little time!  What would you like to see readers?


Friday, January 18, 2013

Epic TV Awesomeness!

Now admittedly, I have never ( never say never) been much of a TV watching person. But suddenly there is this thing called DVR and I am in love?!?!? Nothing beats coming home from a trip to Columbia, MO to Pretty Little Liars recorded and ready to watch!

On to the Epic Awesomeness- not only did "The Vampire Diaries" premiere last night so did "Archer" my Thursday night was totally, utterly amazing due to these two favorite shows! What is going on here!?!?!

Sizzling hot Damon ( screw Stefan lol) and Archer doing what he does best. Of course don't forget Elena aka actress Nina Dobrev. I really enjoy her acting skills. It was a great episode start. I'm "dying" to watch the next episode but alas will have to wait.

Now let me give you all a background story. Hub and I usually stick to Netflix. We watch old episodes of shows and wait for new seasons to come out on Netflix- at $7.99 you can't really complain. Anyway, we would become addicted to a show and stay up way past our bed time! ( yes I'm 26 years old and have a bed time). For me this is so detrimental to my health! Sadly I suffer from chronic insomnia- the only thing that helps to keep bouts of insomnia away is routine- always going to sleep at a certain time.

So this TV bit isn't as bad as I thought- none of "my" shows are on past 11pm, but if I did have something I wanted to watch that was on late- bam! DVR biatches! ( quick note I'm just "waking" up mentally) It's brilliant! So hurray! To modern technology and all hail the magical DVR- without you, well I'd still be watching old episodes and wishing I could be watching new ones!


Monday, January 14, 2013

A Different Granny

Last night I sat down and decided to explore different ways to do a granny square. These are what I came up with. I really like the puff stitch square. What do ya'll think?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Crafty to Do List- Number 1

The first thing on my craft to do list for the year 2013 was a simple granny square. Now we all know I like to crochet and yet I hadn't learned the granny square! ( YES I know terrible!) So I sat myself down with crochet hook in hand and wool ease yarn. Google'd a granny square pattern and five ( maybe 8) minutes later I had a square going!

My "First" Granny Square 
Green squares for baby blankets

Now that I have the granny square down I am working on patchwork baby blankets. I am going to make several different colored squares- patch them together to create a blanket and viola! I have baby blankets ready for those friends that are expecting and of course for donation. It's something I can do all year long. I really hate posting about my services to others, it feels like a boast ( like making blankets or hats for babies who need them) but if you can crochet, knit, or use a knitting loom, find out if you have a local "Newborns in Need" and see what you can do to get involved. The little blue loom is perfect for making little newborn beanies and they are really simple to make and quick!

Anyway I was  so stoked that I had done one thing from my "Crafty To Do List for 2013" and had to share! It may be something small but with my right hand issues it was amazing! I seriously can't go a day or two without crocheting- I get CRANKY... I have withdrawals. So when I was being gentle with the hand and letting it recover I was going absolutely mad, like a mad hatter ( is that a bad thing? It doesn't sound so bad, I would suddenly possess millinery skills and make fantastic hats! Hmm I may have to add "hat making" to the C.T.D.L.)

I am trying to decide on the next craft to do. I have supplies for embroidery. Perhaps it's time I pull out my left over muslin, buy a small ironing board and start learning something new! 


p.s Are there any "crafty" things you are wanting to do this year? Do you have a goal to make something new? 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Head covering 1.0

I have always had this love for head covering, some of you may be familiar with the Jewish Tichel or the Muslim Hijab ( there are others as well, like the Amish and the Mennonites) I am completely obsessed with modesty but in a good way! Hear me out!

Now what is this very syncretic Latter Day Saint thinking? Wearing a head covering when it is not exactly part of my church's belief? Well call it personal revelation. Now I actually started covering my hair while I was still "pagan" I am going to use this term loosely here as I was practicing a different spiritual path and am now melding my previous knowledge with what I learn as I attend the LDS Church ( Now you may understand to extent why my profile says odd LDS lol!) and on a side note I am not typing this so I can be chastised or told I am doing something "wrong" I will boldly state this: at the end of the day no matter the spiritual path you follow- your path is yours alone- what you do is between you and your Deity.

With that said. I had this longing to cover for YEARS! YES! YEARS! And it all came down to one single post a member of a Facebook group I belong to posted on head covering. I was instantly excited to read about this "event" and joined a group of women of a variety of faiths that also felt or already covered their hair for whatever reason ( as the reason or reasons do vary).

I started researching veiling, head covering, and whatever else I could find on the subject. I prayed , I contemplated and something told me to go for it. So of course I did! I have many reasons for covering. I will go into them briefly.

When I thought about my reasons these popped up, I wear my head cover to protect me from surrounding energies. I consider myself an empath, call me crazy but I tend to feel what other's feel, or rather I have a sense of how they are feeling and sometimes this weighs heavily on me. I wear my head cover to represent my love and commitment to my husband- this idea is actually taken from Judaism- women covered their hair after being married. I liked this idea due to the fact that my hands are often swollen and there are times I cannot wear my wedding ring. I wear my head cover because for me I feel less modest without it. I don't care what anyone thinks. I also feel closer to Heavenly Father.

I know there are some people out there family and friends who may not understand fully. Heck I am still coming to my own understanding. Those were my reasons to begin with, but as I continue to cover it changes and grows.  I will save this for another post.

I want to blog more about this- look for more posts and thank you for reading.



2013- Here I go!

August to December 2012- In a Nut Shell:

The husband goes to Arizona to "school" to reclass as an Intel Analyst. In the meantime I move/ settle in with the in-laws. I currently live with the Grandma-in-Law. Mom ( in-law) lives next door. We do what we do best! Work and have fun on our small farm. I meet new friends and start going back to the LDS Church. I also attend online classes at AMU ( American Military University) and wait for December to arrive. 

Life has been a whirlwind. We have built chicken coops, a hog pen, worked on farm to get it in working order and so on. Mom broke her arm! My husband and me had a storage unit near by that was broken into. We ended up moving all of our stuff out of there and buying a small cabin storing our belongings in there. 

My hand continued to have issues. Went to specialist for it ( still not sure what the heck is up, they thought it was carpal tunnel- but I have no signs of severe nerve damage). I fly out to Arizona in Dec for Husbands graduation. We visit family and friends. Buy a new truck ( well hubs bought truck before I flew out) and then we left our Arabella ( the Miata) with our cousins. Drove Brutus ( Our Ford F350 Lariat) back to Missouri where we spent Christmas with the hubs family. It was awesome! 

While hubs was here we enjoyed clearing the creek area out- cutting trees for next years firewood and clearing out debris, etc. We also remodeled my bathroom ( to a certain extent- the tub is not replaced) and we painted the laundry room walls and redid the flooring in both my bathroom and the laundry room. 

January 1st to the 7th:

I spend the last few days with the hubs before he flies out to Korea, for a year long hardship tour as they call it. I wasn't excited. January 7th was not an easy day! Not only did the husband leave that day but my new semester began!

On the bright side of things, the first week of the semester is going well and I feel like I am on the right track in completing assignments. My hand is doing "better" I craft just a bit these days, but I do have a "Crafty To Do List" for this new year. Sort of like crafting goals? 

I also have health and fitness goals. Right now my current goal is to lose 80 pounds ( perhaps more?).  I am making a motivation document with motivations to remind of what I can do this year. My biggest obstacle will be going primal-ish while staying with the gma-in-law, who doesn't eat that way. I am going to plan out meals for sure and try to prepare my meals for the week. I swear I need my own fridge lol! Hmm not a bad idea, but where the heck would I put it in my small room! 

Another goal to add to my list is to rock at school. I want at least a B average but I am shooting for A's. just gotta work hard. I also thought about reopening my Etsy shop- but we will see. I am not sure how I feel about it right now. Just need more time. Along with this I want to blog more. I feel so out of touch with people these days. I am hoping I can blog about crafts, losing weight, and life in general ( or whatever else tickles my fancy). Stay in touch with family and friends better. Enjoy life even though the husband is gone and make this year a year to improve me.

So 2013 here we are, I am ready for you ( I think). I got things to accomplish and a year to do it. 

Ready- Set-Go!!!


p.s this is not the whole of the whole of goals I want to accomplish or things I want to do this year, just my random/ perhaps incoherent thoughts as I get ready for bed.