Saturday, May 18, 2013

Keeping Busy

Life has a way of keeping me busy and away from the computer these days. I have been working outside caring for the farm with my in laws and enjoying friends celebrations like graduations ( tis the season right *wink*). And as always crafting, though at the present moment it is slow. I had to revamp my box plan for the hubs and sent him a food box and a birthday box- which I did snag a picture of .. but it's really not worth the show.. I simple used sharpies to write things on the inside of the box lids and had his mom, granny and little bro write something as well. Simple yet perfect.

His next box is in the works and now that I have an amazing camera once again and not just my phone; I will be able to take much better photos! My hubs rocks he got me a Nikon 520 for our five year wedding anniversary. I miss and love him dearly but I save that mushy, gushy lovey stuff for another post!

I am trying to plan out my vacation from school and my continuous journey when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. As of right now I am currently having female issues and on my way to see an ob/gyn to find out exactly what is going on ( suspected PCOS and an unofficial diagnosis of Endometriosis). This shall be interesting, hoping if there is something "wrong" that I can nip it in the butt( and share my experience with others who may also have same issues). So we can start our little family.

There is so much to write and there are days that I tell myself " Hey! Blog time lady! Hop to it!" I should have a blog writing challenge! Haha! Who's in? ( Seriously!) I know I am jumping all over the place.. forgive.. I got to back in the groove of things.

On a more spiritual note. I am working on be ready to go the LDS temple and I am so excited for it to happen... I am preparing myself with prayer, fasting, and as always studying the scriptures. I recently started reading the bible from the beginning. It has been years ( since I was 16 I believe and I will be 27 in July). I also have a few other things I plan on accomplishing or doing.

Well I guess I will leave you all with that stuff.. There are plenty more tangents to be had, but will save those for another time!