Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crochet Feminine Pads ( with video tutorial!)

The first video is showing the different pads I have made with crochet, old underwear, t-shirts, etc. I slightly go into how to create a pad pattern for the sewing part.

The second video is the actual tutorial.. Hope it helps everyone with their crochet pad madness ( at least I have caught the crochet pad fever- perhaps you will too!) Let me know how it the tutorial was.. thank you for watching.

I have placed pictures so you can see how your work should look  from the right angle( your eye view lol)

This pad is covered with cloth- crochet core- muslin back- all stitched together

back of the pad

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Do You Think?

Okay so every now and again I start doubting my skills at jewelry making... I suppose this is normal? I would love to hear your thought on some of the latest pieces I made(( all bracelets). I try to create interesting, eclectic type pieces, perhaps they could be considered abstract as well? Not sure? So tell me readers what do you think?


Tunisian Crochet 1.0

I was so proud of myself! I literally watched a video once and then did the Tunisian crochet! Whoo! Go me!!!( hehe) It is bad to boast? I hope not!

I taught myself the Tunisian simple stitch and the honeycomb stitch so far I have made a few things and thought I would share the crafty goodness with you all.
the beginnings of the Tunisian crochet simple stitch 

A finished dish cloth 

Practicing the Tunisian honeycomb stitch

Made myself a simple carrying case for my phone

My big project- going to make several squares for a queen blanket for the bed

Up close- Tunisian honeycomb & simple stitch

I plan on making a tutorial for the Tunisian stitch to share with everyone and again test my skills of demonstrating... maybe one of these days I will make a video! Who knows! The Tunisian was really easy to learn! It is now one of my favorite methods of crochet! ( though it is sort of like crochet/knit) will post more later share your craftiness in the comments below. 


Saturday, February 4, 2012

vVv Innovations- the Unveiling

Wooo! Had a great week! I opened shop via Etsy and also created my own site for the new business. So far I have only three things listed. I want to see how I do on Etsy and if I like the set up. If not I will just open a webstore via the site. Only time will tell. Currently working a grey beanie. Trying to come up with a new design. I know my hats are simple, but I was shooting for simple and products that men and women can both wear ( like a grey beanie). I am hoping to work on some hat & scarf sets next week.

I am also working on the crafting schedule mixed in with the school schedule! I have two intense drawing courses this semester and am at wits end! Suffering from some mad insomnia too. I also need to purchase a workstation specifically meant for drawing. So that is on my to do list!

Well anyway... Please check out the site and my Etsy store.

Happy crafting!

Friday, February 3, 2012

~Prized Jewels~

Every now and again I try to work on some jewelry pieces. Right now I am working on some designs with the current bead selection I have. I wanted an element surprise when I placed an order for beads some time ago. I wanted to see what I could come up. I ordered from Fire Mountain Gems. Each little box  contains an assortment of beads...
The Supplies

Here are some past pieces
"Elemental" Bracelet
"Earth" necklace
The two pieces above were created with some beads from Wally's world. The top has amethyst beads- this bracelet is specifically meant for someone who follows a pagan path :) since it is parts are woods, crystals, glass ( which is earth), and metal( Chinese)- its very eclectic. It is one of my favorite pieces...I thought I'd share 
Thanks for checking my craftiness out let me know what you think, thanks for reading


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SugarPlum Dreams

Lexxy Knits presents:


an attempt at a tutorial
Knitting on the loom in the round

Wooo here is my first attempt at showing how to loom knit. I love loom knitting. A lot of people think it is an easy route- I say nay. Tension has to be just right in order to ensure that your wrists don't hurt. The loom is good time-wise. Once you get your mojo going you can complete a project faster than hand knitting. A plus if you ask me :) 

So here goes this hat/beanie is called SugarPlum dreams. I used Caron Simply soft in two colors. Plum Perfect & White. Use double yarn for each color. Begin your hat using the second to smallest loom. I have the knifty knitter- I use the red one- it is the best for tighter fitting beanies for teens and adults- it also works for toddlers and children- I usually make the adult beanies longer and the child beanies shorter. You can also use the second to largest or green round loom. 

When you first start out on the loom you will form a slip knot and place on peg that is the lone peg to hold yarn in place. Wrap once and push yarn down and then wrap again. Pull bottom loop over top with hook and the wrap and repeat- Here are some handy pics! 
wrap between first two pegs going around the peg to the right behind  

Wrap to front


Keep wrapping        
Insert hook

pull bottom loop over top

what your knitting should look like

te he :)   

That is the basics for starting the hat making process on the round knitting loom. When you are done ( Eeek I forgot pics! Will post later) you will need to cut the yarns and then weave through going up through a loop and then down all the way around the loom until you are back to the starting pegs. Remove with hook and the gently pull yarn to gather hat in. Weave in the loose yarn. I tend to trim it after pulling the hat into shape and then weaving it in using a crochet hook.