Friday, August 2, 2013

~Labor of Love~

I just reopened my etsy shop vVv Innovations and  I am super excited it about. I closed it some time ago while moving and then injured my right hand that later resulted in tendinitis( which I also somehow managed to have it occur in the left hand as well). As I let my hands heal I slowly worked on my crochet flower pattern. I have to admit, in bias that I am in love with my own design and hope that anyone who purchases these lovely new flower hairpins will see that love and love them as much as I do! I shall also admit to having a heck of time thinking of parting with my lovely flowers but I must share them with the world!

p.s I also have a "lucky four leaf clover" design pictured below

the Lucky Four Lea Clover hairpin

100 % cotton yarn, wood button, all materials from countries that have ethical labor laws

I love my Ombre Violet hairpin

All of the pictured items can be found for sale at my shop. Along with this I will include my about so you get a quick idea about my shop and me :)

The Birth of vVv

The shop had its early beginnings in Dec 2011 but did not officially open until Feb 2012. As an army wife I wanted a business I could take with me wherever I go. I love anything crafty so spawned the idea of vVv Innovations. I opened my etsy shop Feb 2012 and then a hand injury forced me to put the shop on vacation mode.

July 26th, 2013 my official reopening of the shop after time of letting my hands heal

About the Crochet Flower Hairpins: A crochet pattern I designed myself. These unique flowers are made with 100% cotton yarn, buttons, felt for the backing, and bobby pins. I secure each flower with hot glue for extra hold. With each flower I try to use items made in countries that do not abuse their workers/ that have ethical labor practices.



 ( A Tumblr post I wrote earlier this week- just re blogging it here)

This post  is a prelude to the Sunday school lesson that we will be having in Gospel Principles ( 2013 Aug 4) on work as an eternal principle. The reason why I write this now is I often try ( being that operate word) to read the lesson beforehand along with the scriptures listed in the lesson. I contemplate the meaning of each principle we learn. Last night ( or early this morning really lol) I began to read.. I wanted to take this principle and apply it to my daily life. 
So here goes: A brief overview
Heavenly Father and Christ are our examples of how working is indeed that eternal principle that I mentioned above. Heavenly Father created the Earth; Christ came to this world to do His Father’s work. 
In John 9:4 Christ said this-
" I must work the works of Him that sent me" 
( a excerpt from Gospel Principles manual Ch 27)
The lesson goes on to talk about Adam and Eve who also worked from the beginning. It is interesting to the see this. When I thought about it…what really came to mind is working the Earth, tilling the land and enjoying the Earth’s bounty. Without the many different  sources we would not exist. 
While it seems obvious that we must work in order to survive. We should do it filled with joy. Or at least try to ( there are days I would rather not work outside on the small farm I live on but…) If we remember that work is rewarding even when it well, sucks! We will continue on a path filled with positive transformations our ultimate goal is true conversion( true change). 
The lesson soon goes into Personal Responsibility and the family structure. The Individual responsibilities of each family member When I read this I loved this particular part and took a side note… 
" Couples should seek inspiration from the Lord and follow the counsel of the prophets when establishing individual responsibilities.  Creating a home where principles of the gospel are taught daily and where love and order abound is as important as providing basic necessities of food and clothing."
While it was more aimed at those with children. I had to make note for the couples without- which would be my husband and I currently. While we have no children we still need our daily soul food. We can teach each other the principles and be examples to each other. What I really mean by this also is lifting each other up. As a couple we are partners in our continuous spiritual growth as well as the mundane. 
Okay moving on! That was a mild tangent! 
Scripture time: Mosiah 2:17
"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God"
When I think about work I tie it to service- this scripture is in the lesson and for very good reason. When we are struggling with our daily work- whatever it may be. We should remember this scripture. Even if you can only take care of your own at the moment this is still being in service. 
Okay now let’s get to the meat and the potatoes of my post..
For the rest of the week I will be pondering this:
" Why is it important to keep a balance of in life between work, recreation, and rest?"
reword this:
How can I actively seek to keep a balance in my life between work, recreation, and rest? 
So for the rest of the week I will concentrate on this. This lesson comes at a time where I really needed it. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and endometriosis. Some days are hard for me to keep a balance; but I have faith if I ponder this and work at this with the Lord’s help- that I will find a balance that works for me. I will post more on this as the week goes by and as I figure things out :)