Saturday, April 6, 2013

~LIVING~ Health & Wellness- WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE 2013

I am so excited for this Weight Loss Challenge! Let me give ya'll some background on the group and details of the challenge. LIVING- Health & Wellness is a Facebook group I created sometime ago and it is a group that isn't just about  typical weight loss. We cover the broad spectrum of living for overall wellness. We have members whose goals are to gain weight or eat a certain way. We have people who are Paleo/ Primal, Gluten Free, Vegetarians, and on diabetic diets. These are just some examples of what makes this group unique and individual.

I have the most amazing team of admins as well! Marie, Jessica, and Stephanie have totally changed this group and helped shape what it has become. When it began  it was just lonely me and these ladies are truly a God-send. I wanted this group to be about the people for the people. These ladies make it possible with their varying experiences and views on health matters. A big shot out to them! We are not experts by any means but we have a passion for living healthy and happily.

To view this group go visit this link: 

With this new challenge, we have 3 prizes to give away to those who come closest to meeting their weight loss goal by August 1, 2013. This is what makes this challenge exciting and fun. Weekly updates on weight loss, tips and tricks, and of course a support system! I am participating to a degree. I have a goal of losing weight as well, but no prizes... sadness right! NO! I get to be part of journeys' to health including my own! That right there is suffice enough!

So, for me, let's look at my personal goals of weight loss. I am currently 222 pounds ( Really quick I have managed to keep myself between 218-222 pounds and have kept off 16 to 20 pounds in the last few months- I weighed 238 pounds last year!)  and my goal is to lose 35 pounds by August 1st so the goal is 187 pounds. 

Tips & Tricks I gave to the group:

First one of the tips I gave was announcing your goal publicly to family, friends, and heck! Even strangers. You could create a blog to record your journey, join a site that let's you keep track of food, exercise, and water intake. Personally I love MyFitnessPal.... speaking of this I have slacked, yes,  me I know Sheesh! I need to log in! *chuckles* 

I also gave the tip of tracking your food intake, your calorie intake and whatever else you feel you need to. Some people will not like this idea. Instead of counting calories and getting stressed about the calories you can only have in a certain amount of day; think about it like this: You have energy in and energy out. I have a goal of eating 1500 calories a day, but exercise and activity change this amount. Now this doesn't mean I eat more and more. I look at what my body is using and make a goal of burning 1000 calories a day. I also do different work than most. I'm outside on a farm. Your circumstances will be different.

What I suggest is just seeing how you eat. See what your totals are for carbs, fats, and proteins. Make sure you are meeting your daily limit. If you go over carbs for example and you are lacking protein and fat. Plan to eat more the next day. It's all about nutrients too. When I keep track of all this stuff through MyFitnessPal I lose 1 to 2 pounds a week and more often than not it is 2 pounds! The first half of this year I really struggled between 225 and 230 pounds. Up and down! It was terrible but as soon as I made sure to keep track of my stuff. Viola! Weight loss. 

I know it works! So good luck to those who have joined and for those of you reading- interested- join the group through Facebook. I am leaving sign up open till Monday Morning ( April 8th). 

Over & Out!