Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moon time Project 1.0

I am working on more Eco-friendly methods of living. One of my latest projects is feminine pads. I am still working on the design and everything. Here is what I have so far 100% cotton yarn and some old underwear... Feels good to get this project going, even if I am still working on the how to complete. I am trying to eliminate my waste production and this will definitely help!I used my "period" underwear. Basically old underwear- instead of taking some guess work into fabrics and how I might react ( sensitive skin) I decided it was a good idea to recycle some of the old pairs that had some tears in them. I have enough to cover at least 6 pads! I like this little project of mine! A bit time consuming but worth it.

the core of the pads

I left enough space to insert another core for more absorbency

Trying without wings first used strips and placed some snaps on them- to hold in place on underwear I wear the cheekie underwear

All sewn and ready to be pre-washed

the second pad- going to crochet a smaller core and sew that and then try some wings

middle of sewing it ( dont look at the bad sewing- was trying to decide what method I wanted to use lol I figure its not going to be seen so it is a bit on the ugly side)

what it looks like from the top


Friday, January 27, 2012

Minty Fresh!

I have been working on beanies as of late. They are one of the easiest projects to make. I "cheat" a little and use a round knitting loom. I love the knitting looms for a few reasons. One of them being the ease on my wrists and the fluidity of a project.It also helps that a project can be done in a shorter amount of time. Especially when making gifts or items to sell. The quality is still the same if not better depending on your skill level ( I have seen some pretty amazing shawls made with the knitting looms!)

 My Minty Beanie in progress

The Finished Product

Minty Fresh! 

This will be an item I will begin selling through the business I am creating. So far I have sold one beanie to a friend- in the middle of customizing his order since he is wanting a different color. His order will be made for his mom =^.^=  I am in the works of providing the pattern on Ravelry. Until then I hope you enjoy the look of my latest creation. 


A Blog About...

There comes a time and place when a girl just has to create a blog for one single purpose and one purpose only...

To share with you all my latest craftiness! To connect with those who share the same passions! And hopefully make some crafty clever friends ( ladies & gents) who can share in the glory of well.. you know making hand crafted goodness!

I have always enjoyed doing things with my hands. I am an artist and licensed cosmetologist. I knit, crochet, and sew. I also have dabbled in jewelry making and love paper crafts.See look I am knee deep in working with the hands here. I enjoy every minute of it. Without a project going on I am lost, and maybe even a bit cranky! ( Ooo! No good! the husband says!)

I created this blog for the sole purpose of using it to post my latest creations and I will even post videos and how to's. Stay tuned as I craft my way to enlightenment and a new business! I am working on opening a small craft business. I am an army wife by trade *winks* and with my husband staying in and making the army a career. We will be moving around a lot. 

I figure I can craft my way to success, share it with others and actually enjoy myself in the process. 

 Best of luck crafting!