Monday, June 25, 2012

PCS Prep 1.0

Preparing for PCSing! ( Permanent Change of Duty Station) My husband has his initial orders before he heads off to retrain in a different MOS ( Military Occupational Specialty) aka my husbands "job". So yesterday we began working on the office.

Previously during my spring cleaning I did shred a good amount of old paperwork, but it still wasn't all of it! So we spent our evening going through paperwork and shredding. I also packed up all  of my fabric and sewing supplies. A few things of "art supplies" were packed as well. So far nine containers have been filled and labeled.

I always prepare a bit early when it comes to moving. It makes it go smoother; there is nothing worse than trying to scramble at the last minute when moving! Especially for PCSing! It involves a lot of extra's and good planning on my part- the hubs will have things to do for the Army-paperwork stuff,etc. So I like to get some of the other stuff like packing, cleaning, etc all in order.

The military is pretty awesome though! They provide a good check list and other resources I can utilize.... well anyway! That is what the Vorpahl fam is up to at the moment.

Jimmy had leave so we have been enjoying a nice relaxing time together before things get hectic.

Over and out


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lexxy Life Bits and Thoughts

Well this just sucks!!!! My camera is broken! So no recording any video tutorials for me! I suppose I can do pictures with my phone, but the quality just won't be the same what to do!!!! I suppose I will figure out something right? Gah so upset though! I love crafting and love to share it with other people. It is funny I wasn't a big crafter until recently. It seems a rarity to find those who crochet, knit, make jewelry sew clothes,(etc) but maybe I am wrong? 

At least in my experience/meeting of new people/ friends. I have yet to find a group who solely wants to spend their day doing at least one ( or two or three) crafty things. My day is not complete unless I do something like draw, crochet, make jewelry ( SPEAKING of which, I just made a few earrings- my first- they are in my Etsy shop). There have been nights where I couldn't sleep until I crocheted ha ha ha ha!

Anyway- currently working on crochet in the round- I made a small ball for my cat and then decided to attempt a pattern from Lion Brand- which so far is not going well- it is suppose to be a round afghan and it is more like a ruffled piece of crap! I did get some good ideas from a friend though! So I am going to go ahead and give it a try. I will be attempting to make it into a funky hat- at the end I am thinking of doing the Tunisian simple stitch to create a different looking rim.( wish me luck!)

ANYWAY... so switching thoughts here... I find myself thinking a lot about what it would be like to live very primal. The Primal Parent Blog actually covered this similar topic. ( loved her post- read it here-could-you-really-live-the-primal-life) my thoughts went to the cleaning aspect- I am pretty OCD I know it, I own up to it, and frankly I think being OCD is fine ( to an extent of course- OCD-ness in a healthy way ... ha ha long as your not letting it completely control your life hey I say have those moments where you slather on the hand sanitizer after using a public bathroom is A- OK!) SO of course I was thinking how does one keep things clean in a primal setting?

I suppose it all comes down to natural disinfectants and cleaning things properly to begin with- just need to do some more research on that subject ( or stock up on tea tree oil lol). I wonder what it would be like? No running water, no electricity, no video games! ( gasp). I have made it a point to turn off electronics and just sit outside on the balcony/ take care of my mini garden/ oasis or do something crafty. I have to admit the silence can be deafening.

I think it may take some getting use to and I want to. I want to know what it is like to live somewhat primal. My biggest issue is running water.. I love my showers... could I really give up hot showers? Could I give my video games- seriously biggest issue would be video games. I hardly watch TV ( I have Netflix- no cable- don't want it) So I am sure I wouldn't miss that... then I got to thinking- how convenient it is to go and buy yarn, fabric, etc.

So would I be able to give up those video games, the convenience of grocery stores/ farmer's markets/ crafting supplies/ and hot showers. I am not sure! I am quite sure it is a pain to create your own fabric ( how does one even do that by the way!) or how much time would a person have to spend creating  balls of yarn from wool.. the very thought just gets me thinking.. am I  a bit lazy/ perhaps spoiled by modern society?

Seriously think about! How many people have gardens that feed their whole family? What about hunting? Making clothes/ blankets and most of all I think about the hardships of women... I may use cloth pads, but imagine living out in the middle of a forest and dealing with the monthly.. Or giving birth without a midwife. I know people have unassisted births, but it is not the same really- you still have the back up of going to the hospital if something goes wrong.

Life would be hard I have to admit. Maybe if I grew up living that life I wouldn't notice, but I am sure that walking away from this world as I know it would be hard ( hey I love my food processor).
I am taking baby steps though to embracing more of a self sustained lifestyle. It is my main reason for really getting into crafts. I want to make my own soap, clothes, etc. 

I suppose I may not be able to live in a cabin deep in the woods. I may not give up video games, but I can still do something that feels like the right thing to do. Less waste/ consumerism and more self sustained. I believe in being self efficient and trying to curb my impact on the earth. Humans are destroyers, lol, yes I know it sounds terrible Yet it is true. We use and use- but what do we replenish? What do we give back to the Earth? Landfills, oil spills, waste, and the destruction of other species- this cannot be the way can it people?

Maybe this is why I seek a simple life, a semi-primal life- to preserve our planets beauty/ life. I may be one person, but all it takes is one person making the difference. Hopefully others will follow.