Monday, June 25, 2012

PCS Prep 1.0

Preparing for PCSing! ( Permanent Change of Duty Station) My husband has his initial orders before he heads off to retrain in a different MOS ( Military Occupational Specialty) aka my husbands "job". So yesterday we began working on the office.

Previously during my spring cleaning I did shred a good amount of old paperwork, but it still wasn't all of it! So we spent our evening going through paperwork and shredding. I also packed up all  of my fabric and sewing supplies. A few things of "art supplies" were packed as well. So far nine containers have been filled and labeled.

I always prepare a bit early when it comes to moving. It makes it go smoother; there is nothing worse than trying to scramble at the last minute when moving! Especially for PCSing! It involves a lot of extra's and good planning on my part- the hubs will have things to do for the Army-paperwork stuff,etc. So I like to get some of the other stuff like packing, cleaning, etc all in order.

The military is pretty awesome though! They provide a good check list and other resources I can utilize.... well anyway! That is what the Vorpahl fam is up to at the moment.

Jimmy had leave so we have been enjoying a nice relaxing time together before things get hectic.

Over and out


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