Saturday, July 14, 2012

PCS Prep 1.5

It has been awhile since I wrote a recent blog post. Things are chugging along nicely for the move. I went through my closet and filled up two garbage bags with clothes, shoes, and purses; which were then delivered to Goodwill. I packed a box of clothing I cannot fit into yet ( along with my winter clothes of course- no need for those either). I need to get back into the office to finish up the rest of the packing that needs to be done.

Jimmy's initial orders are for Korea- one year- hardship tour, with our home base as Fort Carson. Since he will be going to school to re-class/ change his job; I will be staying with his grandma. Of course I did some much needed thinking before deciding.( Never jump blindly right? lol) I know it sounds almost is not though. I am just a worry-wort and needed to find my usual "comforts" like an organic grocery store, meet up groups I could possibly attend, What pet stores are in the area, where the nearest vet is, and so on.

I also talked to Nan ( love her!!!) and that helped my crazy anxiety! It is wonder that I have made it this far as an army wife *wink* I have agoraphobia- severe anxiety and prefer to stay in my comfort zone (aka home). I love my husband of course so I manage to deal( this is good though- it forces me to deal with uncomfortable situations and so far it has been a good therapy for me-surprising I know); I might go a little bat shit crazy for a few weeks but hey! At least I can say the crazy evens outs.. hehehe!

Anyway! I am still without a good working camera but I do have some new listings in my Etsy shop. Here  are a few  below:
Since links do not provide pictures here is the latest jewelry set made by me

I cannot wait to get settled in when we move here soon. This way I can work on tutorials for the blog and other creations for the Etsy shop. I am looking forward to a good "vacation" from the shop.. While I am 'away' I will be working on a lot of things to add to listings- more stuff and varied. 

I will also be starting a new semester at a new school! THANK GOODNESS! Don't get me wrong- art school is definitely fun and interesting ( hard work too) but I wasn't happy. I have a really good feeling about this upcoming semester. 

As you can see I am pretty busy working on impending move, making a few items for the shop, getting ready for the fall semester and of course trying to spend every minute I can with the hubs. Well! That is it! A quick little update into the life of Lexxy! Not terribly exciting, but not totally boring... right?


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