Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gospel Doctrine/ Vorpahl Life Tidbits

I am officially switching from Gospel Principles to Gospel Doctrine. I have already attended two Sundays of Gospel Doctrine. It is totally different! Gospel Principles is the basics, simple, and plain. I feel like Gospel Doctrine is beyond that and well it is!

I decided to take this plunge when the class approached lessons I had already gone over last year in Sunday school. I may still write some posts on Gospel Principles here and there. I am unsure how I feel about writing about the Gospel Doctrine. It may need to occur after I've gone over the lesson myself and after attending church.

I am enjoying it though. So far I am liking the fact that we are learning about church history( while we read Doctrine & Covenants). Along with this I am also attending Institute every Wednesday. Right now we are studying the Book of Mormon and we are in Alma. I love the Book of Alma! I think every convert to the church or those interested should pay special attention this particular part of the Book of Mormon. It has blessed me immensely and has given me the testimony that I know without a shred of doubt that the words written  therein are truth.

Anyway! Now to Vorpahl life tidbits. Tomorrow fall semester begins. I will be starting up my fashion courses again and majoring in Fashion Design. After a year or so, of trying to find what fit I know this does. I am excited to draw again and learn more about fashion history.

I am also doing my own fashion project on the side. I am working on a trend research analysis. So right now I am reading over trends from this season, then 6 months, and then 1 year. The project is from a textbook of mine " Fashion: from concept to consumer". Trend analysis is one of the key things to being a good fashion designer. You have to be ahead of the game predicting what will come next and get the designs going. I will probably continue this project from now.

Now moving on... today is Lils ( my cat) birthday. She is five years old. I smothered her with love, some treats, new toys, and also sang happy birthday ( yes I know crazy cat lady much). I took a semi hiatus from the internet. Worked on getting myself all ready for school along with farm work as usual. Speaking of which tomorrow I need to do some work even if the semester begins. I've been clearing out some evil wild rose bushes. They consume all around them and suffocate the trees. We have two trees that I had to pull rose bush vines out of and trim back dead branches and limbs.

Can't really blog about much else. That is pretty much it.

Jimmy/ hubs update:

We have four month left until Jim is home and we move to Colorado- Fort Carson. He seems to have days where he likes work and others not so much. He works for a general right now. He had a "mid tour" visit/ leave in July. It was nice to have him home. He spends his days working, sending me a message here or there until our skype date nights. Along with this he has become a crazed diesel truck addict- he has a plethora of diesel magazines and websites he visits- he plans on making Brutus bad *** . ( while he was on leave he souped up our Ford F350- otherwise known as Brutus).

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