Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moon time Project 1.0

I am working on more Eco-friendly methods of living. One of my latest projects is feminine pads. I am still working on the design and everything. Here is what I have so far 100% cotton yarn and some old underwear... Feels good to get this project going, even if I am still working on the how to complete. I am trying to eliminate my waste production and this will definitely help!I used my "period" underwear. Basically old underwear- instead of taking some guess work into fabrics and how I might react ( sensitive skin) I decided it was a good idea to recycle some of the old pairs that had some tears in them. I have enough to cover at least 6 pads! I like this little project of mine! A bit time consuming but worth it.

the core of the pads

I left enough space to insert another core for more absorbency

Trying without wings first used strips and placed some snaps on them- to hold in place on underwear I wear the cheekie underwear

All sewn and ready to be pre-washed

the second pad- going to crochet a smaller core and sew that and then try some wings

middle of sewing it ( dont look at the bad sewing- was trying to decide what method I wanted to use lol I figure its not going to be seen so it is a bit on the ugly side)

what it looks like from the top



  1. Love it! I'm so glad to find another military wife who is also Pagan/Witchy and loves to knit! :D

  2. :D I almost think it is a rarity lol how odd too. If they only knew what they were missing!