Friday, January 27, 2012

A Blog About...

There comes a time and place when a girl just has to create a blog for one single purpose and one purpose only...

To share with you all my latest craftiness! To connect with those who share the same passions! And hopefully make some crafty clever friends ( ladies & gents) who can share in the glory of well.. you know making hand crafted goodness!

I have always enjoyed doing things with my hands. I am an artist and licensed cosmetologist. I knit, crochet, and sew. I also have dabbled in jewelry making and love paper crafts.See look I am knee deep in working with the hands here. I enjoy every minute of it. Without a project going on I am lost, and maybe even a bit cranky! ( Ooo! No good! the husband says!)

I created this blog for the sole purpose of using it to post my latest creations and I will even post videos and how to's. Stay tuned as I craft my way to enlightenment and a new business! I am working on opening a small craft business. I am an army wife by trade *winks* and with my husband staying in and making the army a career. We will be moving around a lot. 

I figure I can craft my way to success, share it with others and actually enjoy myself in the process. 

 Best of luck crafting!


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