Saturday, February 4, 2012

vVv Innovations- the Unveiling

Wooo! Had a great week! I opened shop via Etsy and also created my own site for the new business. So far I have only three things listed. I want to see how I do on Etsy and if I like the set up. If not I will just open a webstore via the site. Only time will tell. Currently working a grey beanie. Trying to come up with a new design. I know my hats are simple, but I was shooting for simple and products that men and women can both wear ( like a grey beanie). I am hoping to work on some hat & scarf sets next week.

I am also working on the crafting schedule mixed in with the school schedule! I have two intense drawing courses this semester and am at wits end! Suffering from some mad insomnia too. I also need to purchase a workstation specifically meant for drawing. So that is on my to do list!

Well anyway... Please check out the site and my Etsy store.

Happy crafting!

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