Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crochet Feminine Pads ( with video tutorial!)

The first video is showing the different pads I have made with crochet, old underwear, t-shirts, etc. I slightly go into how to create a pad pattern for the sewing part.

The second video is the actual tutorial.. Hope it helps everyone with their crochet pad madness ( at least I have caught the crochet pad fever- perhaps you will too!) Let me know how it the tutorial was.. thank you for watching.

I have placed pictures so you can see how your work should look  from the right angle( your eye view lol)

This pad is covered with cloth- crochet core- muslin back- all stitched together

back of the pad

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  1. Hi, I love this! I use cloth pads, and I have been wanting to make some of my own. I really suck at sewing, but this seems like it would be a great way to incorporate both sewing with crochet. So, basically you are making a chain and single crocheting around both sides? And are you working this as a spiral? I have some great ideas for this pattern thanks so much for shearing!