Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crafty To Do Number 2

Number two on my Crafty To Do List: Use fingernail polish to color coat keys.

When I first began this quick & easy project I used solid colored polish but have found I love glitter polish better. Glitter is the shizazzle! For the polish I suggest using Essie for solid colors & for the glitter - Sally Hansen Gem Crush.

First thing is first get your keys ready to be polished. Several coats are needed before applying a layer of top coat. I do this to keep the polish from chipping so far so good.

I've polished several keys ones I needed color coated ; others just for fun like my keys for our Ford & Mazda. I'm thinking of other things to polish as well! It's mildly addicting! *wink* so I forewarn you!
Here are some pictures below :-)


P.S let keys dry before applying more coats of polish.

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