Saturday, March 23, 2013

Head covering 1.5

I was thinking about all the different ladies I know who head cover and their different religious/spiritual paths and how well we all accept each other for those differences and we also have head-covering that unites all of us. This post is dedicated to them and future ladies ( and gentlemen) who take the plunge to head-cover. Now plunge sounds like a very intense word. Especially for this particular practice. But I believe that there are many stories out there similar to my own.  Head-covering intrigued me; I longed to do to it, but always felt I couldn't then one day I just decided all my fears were about how others would react. When it comes to head-covering, it has nothing to do with other people!

It really begins with you, and your desire/ need to cover your hair. There is no reason why you shouldn't hearken unto the call. Especially one with a such a profound history.  When you read up on the history of veiling ( head-covering, etc) you will find that many cultures practiced some form of covering their hair. In my last post I gave my reasons for starting to cover. These are good questions to ask yourself. But this post isn't about that really. What it is about is dealing with others as you begin your journey into covering your head.

Whether you cover full time or part time. You are always going to get funny looks, questions galore, and sometimes this is overwhelming. Questions from family, friends, and spiritual leaders ( for example). How do we deal with this? How can we react positively to these inquiries. For me a lot has been said to other people who asked my friends or family. One of my friends was AMAZING and responded so well. When covering I try to find a similarity in my current spiritual path. I go to the LDS church ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) what my friend said was  something like this:

" Lexxy wears her head-cover just like you would wear your garments"

This is very accurate as I love modesty practices from the way I dress to what I cover my head with. I believe in being modest, my body is precious and I love being provided a way to express my love of modesty. I also love that I can keep my body covered and the only person who sees all is my husband. Anyway find something similar in your religious/spiritual path that you can relay to others. This often helps them understand your choice better. 

Be honest, let them know the whole story and when you decided to start covering. This shows people you are willing to share with them your personal experience. What I have noticed in the LDS faith is that my bishop said it is not something the church suggests. I sort of chuckled. OF COURSE NOT! I let him know it was more of  personal revelation for me. If spiritual leaders seems dismayed, no worries let them know it is personal and that you have prayed about it ( or however you speak with deity). 

Actions often speak louder than words. even when you share with people your reasons ; some people will still be turned off. I simply ignore this. I just continue to  be myself. I do not shun those who seem to really have issues with it. In fact I make sure they know I still want to say hello and ask how they are doing. In general I care about people. Even if I do not know them, I always wish the best for them and theirs. I wouldn't be very Christ-like and I strive to follow his example. 

Basically stick to your guns. And last but not least. If someone is harassing you over your choice... I would simply tell them that the issue is theirs, not yours. A lot of people forget that you can't make a person conform to your will and you shouldn't want them to. Live and let live I always say. I also think some people need a reality check. If they are more concerned about your personal business than their own they need to stop and do a double take on the situation. Of course don't be rude to the person. Just make them think. 

I hope this post helps those who are in the process of getting ready to cover or who are. Either way i support people's choices and head-covering holds a special place in my heart. 


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