Saturday, March 23, 2013

F.H.E ( update) & Date Night via Skype

I realized I failed to give the update on F.H.E/ Family Home Evening via Skype with the hubs. It went really well and we have a schedule in place of who is going to do what till May. It really helps to have things planned out for the both of us. So if you and your spouse are long distance for the current moment. Plan something over Skype! Trust me it will be lot's of fun! Every Friday ( well Friday here) we Skype and immediately start off with F.H.E. I think it sets the mood for our conversations.

There is more positive energy and conversation than negative. Which is is exactly what we need to grow closer together. Even with the distance between us. Anyway! So F.H.E has been a total success!
Now on to "Date Night" I decided that it would be fun to play a questions game over Skype. Being apart we tend to forget what things our significant other likes and dislikes. The first part of  our date was filled with questions like:
 " If there was anything that I would like to do for the weekend what would it be?"

Both have to answer questions like the one above. It gets you thinking and not only that you have to think like your spouse would! These types of questions help you to see where you might have been missing something or unaware. Or if you answer correctly- Awesome job!  We both did pretty well with that. Then it was questions like:
" Your ideal breakfast would be?" 

Now the questions are personal but it nice to see the variety in answers and learn more about each other. If you Google questions to ask your spouse ( or whatever you consider the relationship) you can find ideas for questions to ask. I loved doing this! the hubs and I both had a blast with this! It changed our usual conversation over Skype into something different and fun. Basically keeping things "spicy" *wink* tehehe. 

I am in the process of finding other Date Night activities we can do long distance. I hope this post helps some of you out there who may be in a long distance relationship. I will suggest this to our military spouses for sure! And on that note! I am off like a dirty shirt...


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