Friday, March 9, 2012


Right now my latest crafty project is revamping clothes in the closet. So far I have chosen a few dresses to restyle and am working on getting the materials needed this is not an easy project for me. Most of my old clothes are too small for me and I can't do much with them. This project might span over the coming months. I am I'm the midst of losing weight and almost want to wait to revamp some other clothing items. The dresses I am not too worried about. I will be making changes to the bust area mostly. My current weight is 212 my bust is 42 inches.. When I was 160 pounds my bust was 40 inches.. So I figure since there is not a big difference in the bust circum. I can totally get away with revamping the dresses.

This green dress is going to get a new top part added I want to do a solid dark green and add chunky straps

Going to use this brown shirt to creat the top part of the this yellow dress the bust does not fit me it is too small

What the yellow dress looks like

another dress to revamp still deciding what I am going to do to this one...
Will get back to you all on that O_O

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