Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bathroom Makeover!

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!!! Today is filled with some mild crafting since I have been sick. The guest bathroom has been in "makeover" mode for some time.. I was looking for the right spray paint to give some bathroom pieces a new look.. 

So here is the before decor- quick little side not- the candles are actually a robin egg blue and  are in clear  candle holders- I had placed scrap paper- some ribbon and a bead to create a different and unique look- easy to do and changes up your candles ( if you don't burn them) I often have candles for two purposes ( well okay three) for decor- unlighted or for smell- lighted and if you want to count the spiritual into this I also use candles for healing and prosperity ( that sort of thing)  We also have the two baskets hangy thing- they were pink and white-

The new shower curtain- it was the only one left of its kind!!! I felt lucky  to have found it at all! I also bought some acrylic paint and a bag of craft brushes

I used acrylic paint and the round sponge brush to dab paint on the candle holders- to give them a more matte look- I also painted them a darker blue green to bring out that color in the shower curtain- really gives it a pop

If you go back through my posts you will find the post on the inexpensive soap dispenser- well it got a revamp!! AGAIN! Lol! What I used was the same paint for the candles and the same round sponge brush and dabbed paint onto the bottle- after I was finished with this and the paint was dried I applied mod podge as a sealant- it is nice and shiny! 

The soap area of the sink

On the toilet I have a few things sitting a glass bowl- you may laugh at this but I used an old pillow case for inside the bowl and placed some toiletries in it - I think it looks pretty dang good!!!

This is the current project! I just got the spray paint  the other day and I am now working on spraying the stand and baskets- they are outside drying as we speak on the balcony - I will need to do an update picture of these in the next blog post!!!

A quick picture of me blotting on the paint on the candle- you can also see my first attempt at painting the baskets- by hand!!! NOT such a good idea- very time consuming- so spray paint it was ( originally I feared getting spray paint since we live on the second floor of the apartments but I decided an older towel would be the perfect thing to use to make sure I didn't ruin anything outside

A before pic if you will- the red just really made the bathroom closed and dark! I didn't like it!!

What the new curtain looks like- I think it does a good job of brightening and opening up the bathroom- not so dark and dank!!!!!!!

A close up of the shower curtain

So there ya have it folks a bathroom makeover without too much fuss- just get a new shower curtain, some candles, and spray paint- have at it- and Ta Da! I guess this wasn't much of a tutorial or anything but everything is pretty easy to do.... so yeah.. hope ya'll enjoyed seeing my makeover - minus the basket hangy thing after photo ( which will come I swear!!) What are you doing for Spring decor and crafts?

Do you give your living space a Spring makeover each year?

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