Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Crafty Tavern

A lot of my crafty stuff is often shared within a group on Facebook ( and perhaps more-so than the blog- ah ze blog feels unloved and not cared for- shame on Lexxy) this group is the Crafty Tavern and this is our newsletter- I thought it may be inspiration for everyone out there so here goes!

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The Group is a closed group but I always accept those who wish to join in the crafting

APRIL 2012- Crafty Ideas of the Month Newsletter

Hello my Crafty Ladies!

This will be our first official newsletter for the group via the doc section- speaking of the docs- check them out right now!!! We have some great links!!!

Up-cycling/ Restyling & Thriftiness

In March we had a restyling/ up-cycling theme going. Take all your old clothes and revamp them without having to buy any other items to jazz them up. This month we will keep with this theme but allow some thriftiness into the mix... lately I have been addicted to the site ----This site is amazing! I create different sets of clothing and share it via my tumblr ( sweet I can have a fashionista-ish blog after all!!!) Eeeek sorry tangent here! ANYWAY this site inspired to me find ways to get those high fashion looks for much cheaper either by sewing my own version ( which is way better and completely unique I might add!!) or thrifting it up!

I have always been a strong believer in being fashionable but reasonable with the pocketbook. Most of us are on budgets and can't afford the insane prices of certain items by those creative fashion designers. So for the month of April SHARE with us your revamps and your amazing finds! These finds can be anywhere from Goodwill to Amazon.. Anything is game. Share as many as you like or just share one. Also if you find something for the house or do so revamping of pillows,etc PLEASE do share. If you think about it- for example: four pillows for the couch- all need to be replaced. on average a decorative pillow costs around $10 and up ( so four new pillows equals around $40). I bought fabric for around 10 dollars to cover all the pillows instead!


Now I know a lot of us have probably already done the big Spring Clean ( or maybe not) but like I always say there is room for improvement ( right?) So if you ladies want- start organizing like a crazed mad woman who is PMSing and the only way to get to the chocolate is getting to the back of the pantry ( hey I hear it happens). Check out for ideas.

Some of the best ideas I have seen for organizing are from the Better Homes & Garden magazine "Organized" one of my favorites was the pantry idea- containers for all food items- all labeled for ease of access and to declutter the pantry. Must do this I say! I did it somewhat but with old containers. I used a peroxide bottle ( with the top cut off) covered with paper as a assorted tea bag holder. I made a box with cardboard for all canned meats and used a old fancy feast box for canned cat food and cat treats..

And now we come to the end. I say try to reuse as much as you can where you can but of course if needs be go ahead and buy some containers ( check out the thrift store first) and label away - make labels with scrap paper and laminating sheets... AWESOMENESS! Until next month keep the tea kettle on and craft away!

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  1. So there is a link in the newsletter that is not show up it is a blank spot!!! BUT the link is there and I can't seem to fix it!!! So commenting to let everyone know! :)