Friday, April 20, 2012

Frozen Coffee Treats

So these treats may not be especially primal friendly but I was getting sick of wasting coffee- you see my dear husband ( whom I love dearly) often makes WAY too much coffee and it often goes to waste. So this evening I decided to make sure it didn't go waste.

I mixed in some organic milk (  about a cup) and 1/2 cup of agave nectar ( the not so primal part) and then poured the coffee mixture into my handy dandy popsicle maker. The sweetener bit is all up to you too. You can choose to sweeten or not to sweeten. I am still making small adjustments to my primal diet so I still use agave- some people would say this is a bad choice but I say hey it's my 20% ( the 80/20 rule for keeping to a primal diet).

If your coffee is light to medium in taste they may taste funny once frozen we like our dark and robust coffees :) You might mix less milk in the mixture if you want to preserve the coffees taste.


So here we have the left over coffee and popsicle maker. The coffee is still warm- so it is easier to mix in the milk and the sweetener. 

What I used to give the coffee flavor

Stir the coffee, milk, and sweetener together 

Pour the coffee mixture into the popsicle forms

tada! All filled!

Place in freezer for 24 hours or longer

I hope you enjoy the coffee frozen treats- I am trying to decide when I will have these. I limit my intake of treats but sometimes when it is near my time moon time ( period) I may have 1 to 2 extra treats to curb my insane PMS cravings!!! Out of all the things I never thought switching my diet and lifestyle to primal would be a pain in the rump when it came to that time of the month. Maybe as time goes on I will better handle these cravings... this little tidbit is for the ladies out there who know exactly what I am talking about... At the moment having extra snacks seems to help calm the insanity that I call PMS ( I really have PMDD) along with weird ass cravings I also have weird aversions to food I cannot stand fish and on occasion the sight of red meat makes me sick! 

I am hoping as time passes as I work towards my goal of getting healthy that all in the hormone department will change. 

Well that is it for today's post, I am in the workings of creating a tutorial for Tunisian crochet- I am currently working on some swifter covers- I will use them to quickly mop the floor in the kitchen.


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