Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Green Dress Revamp- 1.0

So here we are folks! The beginning of the restyling of my green aloha dress, I used the rotary cutters for a clean cut
I removed the top portion of the dress... 

This shirt has mini holes near the neckline- I figured it would be perfect to use for the top part of the dress

I decided to use the sleeves but reshaped them- I removed them completely from the shirt
for a reason- ( stains- gross- but yeah white shirts and hot weather- and the shirt  is 6 years old!)

More of the sleeves

this is how I will plan to sew it... I wanted the back nice and open just like the front ( tattoo between shoulder blades)

Another view

I need to sew it all together but in the end the dress will look like this :)

If you want to see what the dress looked like before this post check out "Revamp" to see the latest items I will be restyling. I am liking this little project of mine. I will give you all the sewing details in the next post. As you can see it is quite easy to take something from your closet and turn it into something completely new. If you have a similar dress like this and an old top you can do this too!

when I cut the dress I made sure not to touch the previous sewing that was around the bust area ( for now). I need to do some seam ripping on the side seams so I can easily sew the top white portion to it ( I also will most likely need to take some fabric in so it fits the waist the better).

My tips for this sort of thing are to get a few sewing books, read and read. Then of course practice on small things like squares and even pillow cases ( if you are new to sewing). When I took Fashion Sewing Techniques, I learned hand stitches as well. We also practiced sewing a circle with spirals so we could gain control for the curves when sewing clothes.

There are ways to make things more simple on yourself ( like minus the sleeves) too. So just have at your closet and get creative. I am not the best seamstress but I love to create things. Pace yourself, go slow, and have some fun is my best advice.

Also your projects may not turn out to be sewing perfection, but don't start over ( unless it's like insanely crooked) or give up. It is better to see where the mistake was. Study it and figure out what you did wrong so next time it won't happen.

Anyway that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post! And I apologize for not posting anything sooner! I was in the middle of midterm madness!!!

Until next time craft on and have a wonderful week!

a link to a helpful book:

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