Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Craft For Sunday- recycle containers

My project for today is cleaning the kitchen ( bleck! Hate dishes with an undying passion I might mention), but I am also doing a bit of recycling and reusing with some plastic containers.


Hot glue gun & hot glue sticks
Clean plastic container
Scrapbook paper ( because it's pretty!!!)
laminating sheets or packing tape depending on what you have available or it you want to go and buy supplies
Paper trimmer ( slicer)

First is first I always make sure to rinse out the containers and dry them completely. Instead of using dish soap ( too many suds- wasted water) I usually put a small of bleach in there and  fill, let sit five minutes and then rinse with hot water.

The next step is figuring out how the paper is going to fit on the bottle or container.
Here is the paper covered with packing tape- it is what I had and I wanted to do something crafty today

Covering a large Arizona Green Tea gallon container

Use the scissors and the paper trimmer ( helps to create perfect edges) s the paper fits the container. For this particular project I simple just covered the labeling that is already on it with paper I liked. You can place tape all the way across the front and the back.. press out air pockets and make sure to seal up the edges. Since this is going to be used for liquid you want to make sure that the paper doesn't get wet. Also of course there is laminating paper- easier than the tape- but still up to you on buying it or using what you have.

After I do this I heat up the glue gun and apply the glue onto the container ( no worries no melting action). I press the covered paper onto the container - keep pressing and molding the paper to the container if it is slightly round ( like the Arizona Tea ones). Do around the edges, one by one if needs be to make sure it is secured. Be careful with the glue and have old magazine paper or newspaper or even old envelopes handy to wipe off excess glue after pressing( while it is warm) I press with the finger tips and closely watch the edges. Once the glue has cooled you can scrap off whatever glue is left over and TA DA!!!!! A container that is reused, and personalized.
The Front 

The Back

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