Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lexxy's Awesome Box Tutorial!

Now I know this type of tutorial is all over the internet
 but who says I can't post what I have created, mew =^.^=
So here are the supplies you need. I had some pieces of cardboard sitting in the closet just waiting to be  turned into a box I originally use them as abstract artworks- I had then hanging in the bedroom when I was single ( that was 5 years ago!  lol! So there is another quick idea for you.
double sided tape,
box cutter ( if needed)
laminating sheets if you want to completely cover the box
packing tape
Scrapbook paper ( I love scrapbook paper !)

Trim off excess edges of the box to fit the scrapbook paper size - go slowly or use a sheet you don;t care about snipping into

Apply glue or double sided tape to the cardboard

Place paper on the cardboard and press until secure- cover both sides of the cardboard  and then tape together

 When you tape the pieces all together  it should look like this ( outside of the box)

Inside of the box

Tape the sides together- do this a few times 

A view from the top

All done =^.^=

All my latest sewing projects are now sitting in their own little box 

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  1. SO CUTE! Oh my gosh I love the colours you used!