Monday, March 19, 2012


Once upon a time...

I had a pretty glass soap dispenser in the bathroom. It was a lovely olive green with a bronzed top to complete it. Then I moved to Georgia, a slightly more humid land than that of Hawaii. It ended up getting build up of calcium and rust often- even after cleaning it daily.

The summer time here is harsh. Needless to say my lovely soap dispenser is no more the bronze top became brittle and broke- such is life... we had a lovely funeral for it though. Now I simply stick to the most inexpensive soap bottle. BUT  truth be told I cannot stand the labels and how bland the soap containers look so I decided to give them a make over.

Depending on the shape of the bottle you will need to cut  it out  of the paper after stenciling or using a ruler for measurments/ straightness- mine was a Soft Soap- So I did the round stencil

You will need a sheet of letters from scrap paper or even stickers though I suggest paper since you can slather on the glue and easily move it around when placing it just in case you don't align it properly

I used the corkscrew scissors- you can use whatever scissor you like. Trace the circle ( or whatever shape) and cut out. After you do this laminate and trim. You can also use tape. I suggest making cuts in the tape to fit to the form of the circle if you are using this design. I left the back blank. 

the bottle is wiped down and free of all soap residue. 

You will need a hot glue gun to apply the label. Apply the glue and then press the  label on. If some of the edges do not stick you can apply a small amount and press lightly. Be careful! No burnt fingers.. if any glue is stuck around the edging just remove once it has cooled down by scraping it off.

The finished product for the guest bathroom- I  am going to be changing the decor from red  to something a bit more fitting for spring! 


  1. Neat! I think one that went around it, like a rectangular band, would be cool.

  2. I though about that :) the shape is odd- though I bet fabric would work or something that is easily shaped around a round-ish container... on a side note they do sell square plastic soap bottles for pretty cheap

  3. Instead of hot gluing do you think using the packing tape or contact sheets to secure labels to the bottles would work?

  4. I guess as long as it is pressed on tightly so there are no air pockets then yes :) though I would suggest a water proof type glue