Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cleaning in the Green

I am currently obsessed with finding ways to clean my house minus some of my "favorite" chemicals like Lysol or bleach I have to admit I have OCD with a sprinkle of germaphob as you can imagine I favor things that kill germs lol ( quick note- I believe it is quite alright to have Lysol and bleach in the house for special clean ups, especially after sick children or shower/ tub duty especially where I live it is very humid!) Last week I had a "bad episode" of endometriosis pain and said THIS is it! So along with changing my diet I am also going to change what I clean with on a daily basis.

So here we go! So far I am still using one of my favorites I always buy Mrs.Meyers ( it is all natural)- lemon verbena its scent is mild compared to others So I dig! Lately though I have started mixing vinegar, tea tree oil, and water into a spray bottle to clean with. It is GREAT!!!! I use about a tablespoon of tea tree oil, about 1/4 cup vinegar and then fill with water.

At first I wasn't keen on the idea of the tea tree oil because of my hyper-sense of smell and sensitive sinuses ( I often wear a mask when cleaning with certain products or if I am having a bad sinus-y day lol)... I read somewhere to mix like 1/4 cup of tea tree oil for creating a household cleaner and just about gagged so I decided that I would try a lot less and see how it would fair.

My mixture has worked perfectly! I kept some old Simple Green spray bottles and filled one with the tea tree cleaner. So far I have used it in the kitchen and the bathrooms- so far so good.

So you can mix more of the tea tree  oil and vinegar into the homemade cleaner, but I have a hyper sense of smell along with sensitive sinuses. So less is better in my case, that  and I opting out of wearing a mask while cleaning extensively.

Enjoy making your cleaner! Seriously TRY it!! I love it! Now off to make something with lavender oil- ( I like to place lavender oil in my mop water- hot steamy water and vinegar).

White distilled vinegar, tea tree oil and the cleaner I made =^.^=
If you want to cover an old cleaning bottle take card stock or scrapbook paper ( with letters), modge podge,a paint brush.
Cut the paper to fit the bottle- use modge podge to glue on the paper to the bottle- after you do this paint the modge podge generously over the paper and around the edges make sure there are not pockets- The modge podge will act as a sealant so the paper will not get wet and ruined when filling up the bottle. I ran out of E's so I just put tea tree on the bottle to identify. I place the letters on the wet M.P and then apply more MP over the top of the letters- let dry for a few hours or even a day.

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