Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Obsession with Containers and...

Keeping my pantry looking neat! So do you have pickle jars? Coffee creamer or Parm cheese containers? KEEP THEM! Here's why:
Okay not sure these are the best pics they are from my phone! Sorry! So here we have my pantry all spiffed up
I organize the dang thing a lot. 

The Rice, Black beans, Corn meal, and Dry milk are all containers I recycled and reused.

If you have read through the previous posts- this is an easy craft to do. You can use any paper you want and modge podge to secure labels onto the containers whether they be plastic or glass!!! Did I mention I have a thing for modge podge? It is my all time favorite craft supply ( besides paper  and yarn lol) This really isn't a tutorial just a CHALLENGE- Recycle and reuse some of your containers whatever they may be find a new purpose for that mayo jar.

Glass jars can be used for more than storing dry food goods! You can use them for homemade mayo and other condiments. You can make face creams, body wash and even shampoo- then place those in the jars!  They can hold crayons, pencils, small toys and even cotton balls  or Q-tips. 

Keep those containers and jars I tell you! If you garden keep any plastic containers especially from strawberries- fill with the potting soil and plant your seeds, water, and close the lid- a mini green house- stays nice and warm for the seedlings and moist! I grew my basil babies this way ( and I have like 40 little sproutlings! It is insane!)

Do you recycle and reuse?
Share your recycled creations in the comments below!

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