Monday, May 28, 2012

Recycled Magazine Paper Flowers

This is a craft I love to do often- You can make bouquets of flowers for gifts to friends and family members- it is easy -relatively quick and unique. You will need old magazines in all sizes. The flowers I made are from my old Avon brochures. The stems are from my regular sized mags. You will need double sided sticky tape, a skewer, and a glue stick. I also like to use a paper cutter for cleaner edges.

Take a magazine page

fold it to create part of a triangle- you will have a rectangular piece that will be folded

fold rectangular piece to create a perfect triangle

fold all pieces- tuck small triangular piece into center

You should have a perfect triangle

Now fold it in half

You will place the two bottom ends of the triangle together like so

grab your tape

I use about this much 

I like to stick a small amount between pages to hold together

Tape it 

You should create a cone of sorts

the cones or petals look like this

You will need to fold five petals for a flower

Stick glue in between petals and stick together to form the shape of the flower

this is what it should start to look like

A finished flower

The flower and stem: when you finish making a stem place so double sided tape around the top and the place into the middle of the flowers you just made press the petals onto the stem and viola! You have made a flower.


For stems take a skewer and roll a large magazine page onto it- put glue or tape on the page as you roll so it stays


You can make small, medium, or large flowers- the ones pictured here are small and medium.
For small flowers I use the avon pages but I cut they in half and then fold into triangles- repeat process

And that is a craft you can do anytime of the day- great to do while watching television! Or on a rainy day! It is so easy! Hope this tutorial was great! Let me know if it helped you and post comments and links to your own creations!

Today is Memorial Day- I take a moment of silence in remembrance of those who have fought, died, and served. I take a moment of silence for those who still serve. I thank my husband for his service... thank you to all military personnel. You are remembered...


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