Monday, May 28, 2012

Let the Diet/Life Tweaking Begin!

Okay so it says let the diet tweaking begin- and so it will( with some other things). I am trying to reduce or eliminate the pain I get during my menstrual cycle. In fact I am so sick of it. Even with eating primal I still have pain. Along with this I figured out my biggest trigger for my endometriosis pain- wheat. So I decided to do some research on the "Endo Diet" and see if I can't customize my diet to fit my needs. I love primal but there is a lot of meat involved - especially red meat- according to the endo diet you should eliminate red meat from your diet.

Okay so I can do this sort of- I have decided to eat read meat once a week. Cook gluten free foods ( it says to avoid all gluten containing foods), it also says no eggs unless cage free/ organic- which I eat so I will stick with my eggs- My meat eating for the week will be chicken, shrimp, pork, and fish. I will still limit my grain consumption. I noticed that while on primal and eating coconut  goods that my skin was broken out. Since introducing a few gluten free grains back into my diet my skin has cleared up- THIS I LIKE!!! I also notice better bowl movements- So I will stick with it.

Diet is so important to health! So glad I am tweaking some things to make it more enjoyable and hopefully heal the endo. I would like less pain. I will also drink less coffee and avoid any other foods that trigger my pain. I am definitely staying away from soy as well.

Along with my diet changes I will be switching cleaning  and personal hygiene products. No more harsh chemicals for cleaning this will sort of hard for me I already use Mrs. Meyers for regular clean ups but I love my bleach for the bathroom every few days. And of course no more weird chemicals for makeup, shampoo, body and face wash. I already use a natural deodorant and conditioner, just out searching, experimenting with natural personal products to see which ones my skin likes ( sensitive skin).

I will post my progress on all of this as it progresses. I am also doing a group challenge in my own health group on Facebook to get MOVIN MOVIN.


I am looking forward to the changes. I hope to post more on safer cleaning products, makeup, and personal hygiene products. If you have read through my posts you know I already use feminine cloth pads and absolutely love them. I have used organic/ natural cleaners, makeup,etc before- but it always comes down to budget... I am looking for budget friendly products and of course do-it-yourself projects.

I like to think that this prepares me for a life on the Vorpahl Homestead- ( our dream in the making). So far I am doing well I believe. I have made dish cloths, reusable Swiffer covers, fem pads, and stay tuned for my tea tree oil cleaner and insect repellent! ( and the mini veggie garden on balcony)

Now if the sewing machine and I can get along- more will get accomplished ( or maybe it is just jersey fabric- BANE of my existence!)


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