Saturday, May 19, 2012

Loving Saturday...

I love Saturdays, I get to spend the day with the husband ( Jimmy) doing all sorts of things. Today we are baking homemade bagels and bread. We rearranged our living room and placed the desktop computer & desk against one of the walls so we could enjoy gaming together-LOL- I know, I know! Couple of nerds over here! But I must admit it is nice to be in the same room with your significant other when he spends Mon thru Fri practically living at work! 0500 ( 5 am) he leaves and somewhere between 6pm to 7pm-ish he comes home! You bet your rumps I will sacrifice some "style" in the living room just so we can both enjoy video games in the same room and hang out.

So anyway! Along with our baking of foodie goodies we will also make some shrimp tacos with semi homemade tortillas we will be cheating here a bit and using a tortilla mix..It should still be scrumptious! At the moment I have decided not to eat as primal as I usually do.Sadly the number it was doing on our pockets was leaving us almost completely food-less by the time pay day rolled around... I will buy some rice and some flour just to get us through the month! Don't get me wrong, I love eating  primal I will definitely still cook some of those meals but if I need to make some rice then so be it! And I have to admit - this is odd but I was pretty hardcore primal the last few weeks before switching over and I was breaking out on the face and back- not sure what the cause of it was- but just a bit of grains in the diet and my skin has cleared up ( weird?). So I will take it as a plus. I am eating one meal ( sometimes two) with a type of grain. I am trying to make sure I am preparing it in the best way possible.

So overall I am enjoying my diet. I still feel pretty good and I am currently still at the weight I was last week. I think I will continue to eat some grains- especially since I LOVE my Italian cuisine! No offense you cannot make a good Pizza Margherita or Crostata di ricotta( like a cheese cake) without some flour. What can I say? A total sucker for a good pizza! 

Along with our baking extravaganza- we are enjoying our little balcony oasis. So far we have a bunch of zucchini, roma tomatoes, and a green bell pepper growing! Along with this we have A LOT of little sproutlings- marigolds, zinnias, asters, alyssum, cilantro, and parsley. Along with this we have a lovely mint plant and our monster rosemary! We are waiting on the cucumbers! 

The Living Room BEFORE 

The Living Room AFTER- we still need to hang up the photos BUT I like the way it looks and feels.

Well that is it for the day! Have a good Saturday! Will be posting some tutorials here soon! Just working on the latest for feminine pads! Yes you will never hear the end of it! Ladies I tell you! Do yourself a favor and research them! I have never been happier- I also get to keep about 30 bucks in my pocket each month! ENJOY your weekend! =^.^= meow!


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