Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sensitive Skin? Forgo this Cleanser and Lotion!

Okay so I am reading and researching a lot about the chemicals they put into our "beauty" products, call it my latest obsession...So honestly this whole time I am thinking well sensitive skin products can't be THAT bad, so far I am not having any issues skin wise- hmm what the heck is this ingredient though??? Oh oh oh oh! Think AGAIN! I was an avid user of Cetaphil until....

Propylene Glycol
" A synthetic liquid."
" Is used as an antifreeze." 
" Used in chemical, food, and even pharmaceutical industries."
" Is used in the paint and plastic industries."
" It alters the skins structure- it allows chemicals to reach the blood stream."
( to  name a few things)

The Ingredients on the back of Cetaphil- NOT only does it have Propylene Glycol it 
also has Sodium lauryl Sulfates and Parabens! ( I will go into these later)

All I can say is what the heck! ANYTHING that used for paints, plastics and your car should not be going into our bodies or onto the skin! DO yourself a favor and read those ingredients. Find safer products. The FDA may say this crap is " generally safe" but I am doubting their intelligence ( and common sense) when it comes to things like this.

Dr.Bronners is on my list to buy- 18 YES 18 different uses! I need me a bottle or two of this good stuff! Dr.Bronner's is organic and part of the fair trade!  

Go here:DrBronner

And for more information in the nasty P.G go here:


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