Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Once upon a time,

I was sitting there searching the web for a variety of "things" from decorating your on base housing to PCSing tips. What can I say? A bit obsessed! *wink* and while I did this searching I found myself mildly disappointed! I wanted pictures to go with those decor ideas and some meat with that PCSing info...Maybe I wasn't so concerned with the information for myself but others!

I'm sure military family members are constantly Googling such things. You can't have enough resources at your fingertips. Anyway! My point really is this:

I NEED to blog about these two topics! I need to revisit my last PCS and hopefully present some new ideas. Maybe invite a friend or two to give their perspective.

A lot of the PCSing topics includes kids... not all military families have kiddos. I want to cater to those without just as much as those with! For my little family we have the Jimmy, my awesome husband! Lils the cat and two gerbils- Ms.Bitey & The Chunky One. I want to target those with different types of pets the best I can!

And then another question is raised! What else can I blog about? I have so many ideas and so little time!  What would you like to see readers?


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