Friday, January 11, 2013

Head covering 1.0

I have always had this love for head covering, some of you may be familiar with the Jewish Tichel or the Muslim Hijab ( there are others as well, like the Amish and the Mennonites) I am completely obsessed with modesty but in a good way! Hear me out!

Now what is this very syncretic Latter Day Saint thinking? Wearing a head covering when it is not exactly part of my church's belief? Well call it personal revelation. Now I actually started covering my hair while I was still "pagan" I am going to use this term loosely here as I was practicing a different spiritual path and am now melding my previous knowledge with what I learn as I attend the LDS Church ( Now you may understand to extent why my profile says odd LDS lol!) and on a side note I am not typing this so I can be chastised or told I am doing something "wrong" I will boldly state this: at the end of the day no matter the spiritual path you follow- your path is yours alone- what you do is between you and your Deity.

With that said. I had this longing to cover for YEARS! YES! YEARS! And it all came down to one single post a member of a Facebook group I belong to posted on head covering. I was instantly excited to read about this "event" and joined a group of women of a variety of faiths that also felt or already covered their hair for whatever reason ( as the reason or reasons do vary).

I started researching veiling, head covering, and whatever else I could find on the subject. I prayed , I contemplated and something told me to go for it. So of course I did! I have many reasons for covering. I will go into them briefly.

When I thought about my reasons these popped up, I wear my head cover to protect me from surrounding energies. I consider myself an empath, call me crazy but I tend to feel what other's feel, or rather I have a sense of how they are feeling and sometimes this weighs heavily on me. I wear my head cover to represent my love and commitment to my husband- this idea is actually taken from Judaism- women covered their hair after being married. I liked this idea due to the fact that my hands are often swollen and there are times I cannot wear my wedding ring. I wear my head cover because for me I feel less modest without it. I don't care what anyone thinks. I also feel closer to Heavenly Father.

I know there are some people out there family and friends who may not understand fully. Heck I am still coming to my own understanding. Those were my reasons to begin with, but as I continue to cover it changes and grows.  I will save this for another post.

I want to blog more about this- look for more posts and thank you for reading.




  1. Oh my Goodness! You and I are a lot alike! I will definitely be reading more of your blog! Here I thought I was the only odd LDS inspired to cover! Though I don't have much paganism in my background, my core beliefs are Baha'i. I so agree that each person has their own personal path! I have said that multiple times. And I also am her empathetic and love to look at people and their paths of life and spirit! I haven't been covering as often as I feel I should, but I am working on it. I am so glad to have found your blog!!!

  2. From your "about me" under your name, it's as though we should be neighbors! (laugh) We seem to have many activities in common PLUS I too am curious about head coverings. Mine are not religious or faith based, more out of living in such a new diverse area (where it is widely accepted). I'd be tickled pink to write you more and hear more about your head covering experiences.

    1. Beth,

      Thanks for the comment :) I love my head coverings, I also wear them for style reasons- there are days it beats trying to fight the unruly hair lol!