Friday, January 18, 2013

Epic TV Awesomeness!

Now admittedly, I have never ( never say never) been much of a TV watching person. But suddenly there is this thing called DVR and I am in love?!?!? Nothing beats coming home from a trip to Columbia, MO to Pretty Little Liars recorded and ready to watch!

On to the Epic Awesomeness- not only did "The Vampire Diaries" premiere last night so did "Archer" my Thursday night was totally, utterly amazing due to these two favorite shows! What is going on here!?!?!

Sizzling hot Damon ( screw Stefan lol) and Archer doing what he does best. Of course don't forget Elena aka actress Nina Dobrev. I really enjoy her acting skills. It was a great episode start. I'm "dying" to watch the next episode but alas will have to wait.

Now let me give you all a background story. Hub and I usually stick to Netflix. We watch old episodes of shows and wait for new seasons to come out on Netflix- at $7.99 you can't really complain. Anyway, we would become addicted to a show and stay up way past our bed time! ( yes I'm 26 years old and have a bed time). For me this is so detrimental to my health! Sadly I suffer from chronic insomnia- the only thing that helps to keep bouts of insomnia away is routine- always going to sleep at a certain time.

So this TV bit isn't as bad as I thought- none of "my" shows are on past 11pm, but if I did have something I wanted to watch that was on late- bam! DVR biatches! ( quick note I'm just "waking" up mentally) It's brilliant! So hurray! To modern technology and all hail the magical DVR- without you, well I'd still be watching old episodes and wishing I could be watching new ones!


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