Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Crafty to Do List- Number 1

The first thing on my craft to do list for the year 2013 was a simple granny square. Now we all know I like to crochet and yet I hadn't learned the granny square! ( YES I know terrible!) So I sat myself down with crochet hook in hand and wool ease yarn. Google'd a granny square pattern and five ( maybe 8) minutes later I had a square going!

My "First" Granny Square 
Green squares for baby blankets

Now that I have the granny square down I am working on patchwork baby blankets. I am going to make several different colored squares- patch them together to create a blanket and viola! I have baby blankets ready for those friends that are expecting and of course for donation. It's something I can do all year long. I really hate posting about my services to others, it feels like a boast ( like making blankets or hats for babies who need them) but if you can crochet, knit, or use a knitting loom, find out if you have a local "Newborns in Need" and see what you can do to get involved. The little blue loom is perfect for making little newborn beanies and they are really simple to make and quick!

Anyway I was  so stoked that I had done one thing from my "Crafty To Do List for 2013" and had to share! It may be something small but with my right hand issues it was amazing! I seriously can't go a day or two without crocheting- I get CRANKY... I have withdrawals. So when I was being gentle with the hand and letting it recover I was going absolutely mad, like a mad hatter ( is that a bad thing? It doesn't sound so bad, I would suddenly possess millinery skills and make fantastic hats! Hmm I may have to add "hat making" to the C.T.D.L.)

I am trying to decide on the next craft to do. I have supplies for embroidery. Perhaps it's time I pull out my left over muslin, buy a small ironing board and start learning something new! 


p.s Are there any "crafty" things you are wanting to do this year? Do you have a goal to make something new? 

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