Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So many ideas swim around in my mind. I have been a aspiring writer/ unpublished author for what seems... TOO LONG! Why am I not chugging along on my journey as a writer. Shouldn't I have the time to write a measly 500 words a day on my novel? Haven't I learned anything? That even when one is overwhelmed with school and life that there is still time to always write! ( or in this case blog too).

Maybe all my issues of stress, loneliness ( missing the husband), and life in general would be allievated by writing! Wouldn't writing be the perfect escape? To step into the lives of my creations. I hope I don't make it sound like I want to literally escape my life. My creative, ever searching, thirst for knowledge mind often needs a story to be complete ( feel complete).

And writing does this. I always envision stories. Whilest I sit and ponder a story comes to me. Whilest I watch the rain or snow a new adventure calls to me. If nothing else I should write the ideas as they come to me. Save them later, tuck them away for a later date.

So my own challenge is to write, write, write. I shall make the time and have time to do so.


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