Friday, January 11, 2013

2013- Here I go!

August to December 2012- In a Nut Shell:

The husband goes to Arizona to "school" to reclass as an Intel Analyst. In the meantime I move/ settle in with the in-laws. I currently live with the Grandma-in-Law. Mom ( in-law) lives next door. We do what we do best! Work and have fun on our small farm. I meet new friends and start going back to the LDS Church. I also attend online classes at AMU ( American Military University) and wait for December to arrive. 

Life has been a whirlwind. We have built chicken coops, a hog pen, worked on farm to get it in working order and so on. Mom broke her arm! My husband and me had a storage unit near by that was broken into. We ended up moving all of our stuff out of there and buying a small cabin storing our belongings in there. 

My hand continued to have issues. Went to specialist for it ( still not sure what the heck is up, they thought it was carpal tunnel- but I have no signs of severe nerve damage). I fly out to Arizona in Dec for Husbands graduation. We visit family and friends. Buy a new truck ( well hubs bought truck before I flew out) and then we left our Arabella ( the Miata) with our cousins. Drove Brutus ( Our Ford F350 Lariat) back to Missouri where we spent Christmas with the hubs family. It was awesome! 

While hubs was here we enjoyed clearing the creek area out- cutting trees for next years firewood and clearing out debris, etc. We also remodeled my bathroom ( to a certain extent- the tub is not replaced) and we painted the laundry room walls and redid the flooring in both my bathroom and the laundry room. 

January 1st to the 7th:

I spend the last few days with the hubs before he flies out to Korea, for a year long hardship tour as they call it. I wasn't excited. January 7th was not an easy day! Not only did the husband leave that day but my new semester began!

On the bright side of things, the first week of the semester is going well and I feel like I am on the right track in completing assignments. My hand is doing "better" I craft just a bit these days, but I do have a "Crafty To Do List" for this new year. Sort of like crafting goals? 

I also have health and fitness goals. Right now my current goal is to lose 80 pounds ( perhaps more?).  I am making a motivation document with motivations to remind of what I can do this year. My biggest obstacle will be going primal-ish while staying with the gma-in-law, who doesn't eat that way. I am going to plan out meals for sure and try to prepare my meals for the week. I swear I need my own fridge lol! Hmm not a bad idea, but where the heck would I put it in my small room! 

Another goal to add to my list is to rock at school. I want at least a B average but I am shooting for A's. just gotta work hard. I also thought about reopening my Etsy shop- but we will see. I am not sure how I feel about it right now. Just need more time. Along with this I want to blog more. I feel so out of touch with people these days. I am hoping I can blog about crafts, losing weight, and life in general ( or whatever else tickles my fancy). Stay in touch with family and friends better. Enjoy life even though the husband is gone and make this year a year to improve me.

So 2013 here we are, I am ready for you ( I think). I got things to accomplish and a year to do it. 

Ready- Set-Go!!!


p.s this is not the whole of the whole of goals I want to accomplish or things I want to do this year, just my random/ perhaps incoherent thoughts as I get ready for bed. 

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